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Illustrate your comments

July 06, 2023

I remember the day structural sharing in data structures “clicked” for me. It was illustrated by a drawing of boxes and arrows.

An image is a powerful way to communicate relationships between objects, distance, size, time, all of which are relevant in a program.

Unflattening, Nick Sousanis

Comments in code are communication tools: they explain an abstraction, an implementation, or give context to complex technical problems. They are the documentation closest to the code, where we need it most.

We should use images in comments more often.

We should not, however, lose the convenience of plain text: it can be checked in version control, shows up in diffs and works out-of-the-box in any text editor.
Nor should we entirely remove sentences, because phrases can be searched for in a search engine and can be read by accessibility tools or people who don’t like visual communication.

Text-based diagrams are, to me, a good compromise. Look at this example:

            No data duplication

┌───────────┐                 ┌───────────┐
│ Version A │                 │ Version B │
└───────────┘                 └───────────┘
      │                             │
      │             │
┌─────▼────┐  ┌─────▼────┐
│ Data A 1 │  │ Data A 2 │
└──────────┘  └──────────┘
           With data duplication

┌───────────┐                 ┌───────────┐
│ Version A │                 │ Version B │
└───────────┘                 └───────────┘
      │                             │
      ├─────────────┐               ├─────────────┐
      │             │               │             │
┌─────▼────┐  ┌─────▼────┐    ┌─────▼────┐  ┌─────▼────┐
│ Data A 1 │  │ Data A 2 │    │ Data B 1 │  │ Data B 2 │
└──────────┘  └──────────┘    └──────────┘  └──────────┘

I generated this with monodraw a paid (but not expensive) macos app, which can export text-based drawings with options to easily paste into common comment formats.

We should pay attention not to draw huge diagrams, or to put one in every other comment in a file, which would be more annoying that useful. A drawing in comments, because it is done in such an awkward medium, should stay small and simple.

If you feel that an illustration is too big to fit in a comment, you can still link to an external knowledge base or a dedicated file somewhere else in the repository.

Monodraw text export menu

Communicating ideas with pictures seems to be obvious everywhere, from art to education and marketing. Why not use it in comments?

Meaning is thus conveyed not only by what’s depicted, but through structure: the size, shape, placement, and relationship of components - what they’re next to, and what they’re not, matters. Unflattening, Nick Sousanis

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